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Scientific hypotheses: The Physical Meaning of the Fine Structure Constant

Nikolay Noskov: Why the theory of the relativity is incorrect

Measurements in an engineering: On the possibility of variation of gravitational effect

Engineering today: New adaptive variator for automobile automatic stepless transmission and its experimental characteristics

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Philosophy of physics

The offered article is in opposition to relativistic physics, which arose from the works of Lorentz, then was supported by Poincaré and Einstein. For example, the relativistic physics as a modern version was outlined in the book "Field theory" by L.D. Landau and E.M. Lifshitz.

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The books acquaint the readers with chemical sources of a current unfailing companions of home appliances, existing condition of power, traditional and perspective technologies of transformation of energy, supplies and methods of protection of the dwelling and property.

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GNTB of Ukraine scientific and technical library

CIPIN center of researches of a scientific and technical potential and histories of a science

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